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What I Want You to Know About Me…

As a holistic psychotherapist/hypnotherapist with a state license and 25+ years of experience, I integrate traditional and non-traditional methods such as Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, past life and between lives regression therapy, Energy Psychology: EMDR, EFT, HMR®, and Soul Visioning that quickly clear the unconscious blocks to living an inspired life of passion and purpose in mind, body and spirit.


Describe Your Services:
My practice has evolved over 25 years of experience from a traditional “talk therapy” practice to a psycho- spiritual approach that focuses on integrating mind body and spirit. I believe that our true nature is love but we have forgotten who we really are from the many limiting beliefs, patterns, traumas, and unconscious programs from past lives and this life that hold us back. I discovered in my own life and from working with thousands of people what holistic methods are most effective in clearing the barriers to living a life of passion and purpose. The approaches described below work quickly and deeply within the unconscious to reprogram and re-script the “trunk of junk” that sabotage us. I work intuitively with individuals, couples, children and families to find the best approach to address thier needs. (Refer to my website for a complete list of my services) Note: In addition to sessions in my offices, I also provide sessions via phone or Skype.

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy is a revolutionary new modality which quickly and clearly reveals the root causes of dysfunctional patterns. This form of hypnosis discovers and integrates previously dissociated and disowned parts of ourselves through age regression to reclaim, re-parent and heal inner child parts or past life fragments to get to the cause of a wide variety of issues that continue to affect current behavior.

Past Life Regression Therapy - I am considered an expert in the field of Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) as an author, trainer of mental health professionals, and having regressed thousands of clients for over 18 years. I have over 300 hours of hypnosis/regression training from many of the leaders in the field including Dr. Brian Weiss who endorsed my book “Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future”. ( Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing) My book documents many case studies and interviews with clients that I interviewed who benefited from past life and life-between-lives hypnotherapy. PLR is highly effective when other approaches don't work to get to the root cause of repeating patterns including emotional conflicts such as anxiety and depression, relationship problems, physical ailments, phobias, financial issues, weight issues that originate in other lifetimes. One doesn't have to believe in past lives to be effective. Memories can be seen as a metaphors coming from unconscious beliefs/patterns that manifest in current life patterns. (See list below for full description of my extensive training in this modality)

Life-Between-Lives Regression (LBL) - I was trained by Dr. Michael Newton in 2001, certified by the Newton Institute, served as assistant trainer in the past and am a contributing author to his latest book “Memories of the Afterlife”. The LBL process is a 3 to 4 hour process with deep hypnosis that takes you into the superconscious state to reveal what happens in between incarnations in the spirit realm. You often meet with your primary Soul group, spirit guides and Council of Elders (Master Teachers). The LBL includes a loving life review of your most immediate past life and current life to better understand your Soul contracts, life purpose and how to heal repeating karmic patterns. You learn what lessons you chose with the people in your life and can ask questions of your spiritual teachers. (It is recommended that you do a past life regression session prior to the LBL)

Energy Psychology is often referred to as “accupuncture for the emotions without the needles” that reprocesses stuck energy through tapping the pressure points and meridians on the body. The Emotional Freedom technique (EFT) is the most well known. The client taps on their body's meridians while repeating certain affirming statements, which can rapidly resolve unproductive emotions, beliefs and behaviors. The WHEE method is the simplest and fastest of the meridian therapies. (Further information is on my website.)

Holographic Memory Resolution® (HMR) - This is a body-mind therapy that allows quick access to past memories and complete resolution of the painful emotions or physical discomfort associated with these memories. This non-traumatizing approach can resolve frozen feelings trapped in the unconscious and physical body. After completing the process, the client will experience the resolved memory without triggering the original painful feelings. This opens a natural path toward forgiveness while integrating and learning the spiritual lesson inherent in the trauma.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) - A process that resolves anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress symptoms, and other issues through the use of bilateral eye movements while recalling memories that need to be resolved or reprocessed. This process has extensive research to support its validity and is approved by the American Psychological Association.

Soul Visioning™ - Soul Visioning is a powerful 7 step process developed by Susan Wisehart and is described in her Soul Visioning book. The SV journey connects you with your Higher Self to guide you into the ideal expression of your Soul in your work, relationships, health, finances and spirituality. The process combines the best of hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology and Soul work to remove the blocks and limiting beliefs from this life and past lives that sabotage your Soul/life purpose.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) - IFS was developed by Dr. Robert Schwartz and integrates voice dialogue, psychosynthesis and family systems. This method helps you to connect with your True Self which is wise, compassionate, centered, non-judgmental, and empowered and to dis-identify with your fearful defensive parts. This positive and gentle approach assists in accessing your “inner healer”.

Imago Relationship Therapy - Imago Relationship Therapy, developed by Harville Hendrix, is used to teach you effective communication skills, anger management and conflict resolution skills. This leads to a feeling of safety, being heard, mutual understanding and empathy in relationships. The premise is that we pick a partner with which we unconsciously re-enact our childhood parental models. The more conscious we become of these repeating patterns the more we can heal the wounds of the past and more deeply connect in intimate partnership.

Describe a typical session:
The client explains what they want to get from the session along with some of their background and we discuss where to focus and what approach would be best suited for their individual needs. I work intuitively and collaboratively to advise which approaches would work best for each client.

What are the benefits/results people often experience?
Testimonials are listed on my website and I have one to ten year follow up interviews in my Soul Visioning book with clients to report the life altering stories of what happened in their lives as a result of experiencing the different approaches I use. Most people report feeling lighter, unburdened, inspired, empowered and more in touch with their Soul purpose and authentic selves.

These methods do not take years of therapy and work faster because they go to the core/root of the problem and clear the issue at an energetic and cellular level for a wide variety of issues including trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, limiting beliefs, pain management, phobias, addictions, relationship issues, self-esteem, phobias, finances, guilt, grief, weight issues, fear of success or failure, blocks to knowing or fulfilling Soul/life purpose and others.

What makes you different/good at what you do?
As a holistic psychotherapist/hypnotherapist, I combine psycho-spiritual therapies with extensive advanced psychological training. Few alternative practitioners have the traditional psychological training with a state license and masters degree in psychology combined with non-traditional therapies. My 25+ years of experience using many different modalities allows me to intuitively customize my approach to support your healing process. My gifts of intuition, compassion and healing presence create a space of trust and safety for clients.. Because of this powerful combination, I am highly successful in helping people to get unstuck faster and to live a purpose driven life in mind, body and spirit.

In my own personal life, I have done my own healing work and am a living example that it is possible to clear limiting beliefs from this life and past lives. I was guided to write a book to pass on what I have learned called “Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future”(endorsed by Dr. Brian Weiss, Debbie Ford and Sonia Choquette) which teaches a 7 step method to clearing unconscious blocks to manifesting your Soul's purpose in your work, relationships, health, finances and your spirituality. The book includes free mp3 downloads of guided journeys and meditations. There are many case studies of people who benefited from the methods I use.

Describe your style or approach.
My style is compassionate, supportive, non-judgmental, intuitive, empathic to create a sacred space for trust and healing to occur. It goes beyond talk therapy to the root of the problem at a “cellular and energetic” level. We are going beyond treating symptoms to where the issue originated whether past lives or this life. Everyone is unique in their needs and the sessions are individualized. Some people want “homework” to continue their processing between sessions. I believe in teaching my clients tools to take with them to use on their own or between sessions.

300 hours of hypnotherapy training:
-Wellness Institute in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

-The Brian Weiss Institute certification in Past Life Regression
-The Newton Institute certification in Life Between Lives hypnotherapy
- International Association for Regression Research and Therapies (3 levels of past life regression training)
-Trained in England with Dr. Roger Woolger in Spiritual Regression therapy
-Certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists

Certified EMDR therapist - Level II (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)
Energy Psychology training with the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and WHEE Method®

Holographic Memory Resolution® (3 levels)

Imago Relationship Therapy  (Dr. Harville Hendrix)
Training in Internal Family Systems method (Dr. Richard Schwartz)

Training in the Enneagram (Helen Palmer)

Bachelors and Master's Degree in Psychology
Illinois State Licensed Marriage and Family  Therapist (LMFT)
Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP)
Post Graduate Studies with the Family Institute (Northwestern University)
Post Graduate Study (One year) at Wisconsin Institute for Family Therapy

Fees:  Individual Sessions: $110 per hour (Out of network insurance reimbursement may be available) 
Workshops and Training (Refer to my website for this information)
Past Life Regression training for Mental Health Professionals

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