Elizabeth Romo (MPPP)

A Haven For Angels
Lake Zurich, IL
Phone:  847-540-6977
Email Address:  elizabeth.romo@ahavenforangels.com

Website:  www.ahavenforangels.com

Facebwook:  http://www.facebook.com/ElizabethRomoAHavenForAngels

What I Want You to Know About Me…

A born Intuitive, Medium and Spiritual Teacher, I bring messages of transformation, love and support from Spirit, angels and your loved ones in Spirit; offering you greater understanding and peace to support you in a meaningful and harmonious life. I offer Intuitive Counseling, Evidential Mediumship, Energy Work, Past Life and Life Between Lives Regressions sessions. Connecting to one’s soul and The Divine has given me greater personal strength and knowing; I share this all with you,

Rebecca Smith Hill

Rebecca Smith Hill
Lake Geneva, WI
Phone:  847-830-5254
Email Address:  rebecca@rebeccasmithhill.com

Website:  www.rebeccasmithhill.com

Facebook: Rebecca Smith Hill

What I Want You to Know About Me…

Sharing this part of myself was struggle and joy all at once. It showed up often over my formative years and made it so I could not ignore the wonder of our energy body, our higher consciousness. Something so seemingly “out there” and yet this is what I am called to do and what makes me feel most “at home” on my journey. The highs and lows, scrap your knees low at times, have taught me more about journeys that I ever wanted to know. I understand, and I share this understanding with you through these sessions.