Dr. John Nikitow, D.C.

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What I Want You to Know About Me…

Practicing over 30 years I do my best to help people to be their best.  The work I do at the office is the same work I do with my wife and children so I can truly say I treat my patients like family.  And we have fun doing it.

Susi Roos, RN, HN-BC, M.Div.

Evicting Cancer
Local: Highland Park, IL. Non-local: zoom
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Self-Care Essentials

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Self Care Essentials 4 You

What I Want You to Know About Me…

As a holistic nurse for 40 years, and an integrative cancer coach for 10, with additional certification in functional diagnostic nutrition, raw foods and essential oils, I help turn cancer challenges into healing journeys. I also show people how to safely and therapeutically use doTERRA essential oils for non-toxic health and self-care.