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Renew Your Spirit Sunday

You only get one soul. Be good to yours!
Listen when it whispers. Give it hugs, laughter and sunshine.

- Karen Salmansohn

Renew Your Spirit Sunday is a day dedicated to relaxing and taking care of yourself. We bring together several talented practitioners all on one day so that you do not have to find several openings in your schedule to meet with each one. Rather, you have the opportunity to schedule sessions with one or several practitioners on a single day.

Our intention is to offer you a comfortable, safe and peaceful environment in which to experience your sessions. Since each practitioner has a private room, you are able to communicate with them on a deeper level and with complete openness and trust.

February 11, 2018 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
at Bodyworks Health & Fitness in Libertyville, 510 1st Street
(just one block east of downtown Libertyville)

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Each practitioner below has set their own fees and time limits for regular sessions, and each practitioner schedules their own appointments. You may still just drop in on the day of the event but an appointment is highly recommended, especially if you'd like to come in the morning. Contact information for each person is shown as part of their bio. Each practitioner will take payment themselves and cash or checks will be accepted.


  • Rosemary Hurwitz image

    Angel Card and Intuitive readings
    with Rosemary Hurwitz, M.A. Pastoral Studies

    Best known for her Enneagram-based life coaching, and connecting personality to spirit, Rosemary found her intuitive abilities strengthened with the pregnancies and births of each of her four children. She says, "I wanted to cultivate my intuitive abilities. Receiving training from experts in the field was one way. Another was to practice giving myself and others angel card readings." She practiced for 10 years before completing a certification program and coming to The Present Moment.

    The angel card wisdom and guidance will resonate within you as you focus on an honest question. The answer in the cards is simply based on your energy.  The card's messages will help you in problem solving, and it will be specific to your question. The veil is thin between this world and the next so you may even ask about a loved ones passing. Last year Rosemary had a special experience with the cards and her mother-in-law while she was in hospice, dying from Alzheimer’s disease. 

    Contact Rosemary at or 847-334-2558 to set your appointment.

    Your question may remain silent or you may share it with her. Guidance will come nonetheless. Based on this special time of year with heightened awareness, you can ask for general guidance or be specific, knowing that the guidance is always for your highest good, and that it is positive, never "scary."

    Rosemary uses these cards regularly in her coaching work, alone, or in conjunction with the Enneagram. For Renew Your Spirit Sunday only, she will be giving 50-minute Angel Card readings for just $75.  Call to reserve your time 847-334-2558 or contact her at

    Bio: Having over 24 years of experience in coaching people on their careers, Rosemary slowly answered an interior call to work with them on an even deeper level.  In her 40s, she went back to school for a Masters of Art in Pastoral Studies, and became certified to give Enneagram-based spiritual direction/life coaching for awareness and emotional wellness and spiritual connection. Later she became certified in Angel Card Readings by Doreen Virtue and loves sharing the powerful guidance and messages that come through the cards.

  • Chris Moses

    Medicine Wheel Reading or Healing Sessions
    with Chris Moses, MS (TPD Member)

    Medicine Wheel Reading: Messages from the Wisdom of the Earth and Spirit

    The Medicine Wheel opens you to the magical world where all things are connected and where the cycles and rhythms of life are waiting to support you through a symbolic system of your life journey. Using stones and crystals specific to the Ojibwa Medicine Wheel, this intuitive reading offers insights and a focused tool to use over the next few months. Each stone gives an understanding of different aspects of your Self, major life lessons and current challenges. Using your own energy, you choose the stones from the medicine wheel; Chris then will explain and intuit their symbolic meaning. You will walk away with a visual diagram of practical information to current situations and challenges in your life, resulting in greater clarity and balance with oneself and the Earth.

    Cost: 25 minutes for $45.00

    NEW! Triadic Healing Session -

    Chris combines her knowledge and expertise in several healing modalities to create a triadic healing session which encompasses the body, mind and spirit. A triadic healing session can offer you release, restore balance and harmony of vital energies, and support your spiritual empowerment. She will first discuss any particular concerns or challenges you may be experiencing. Then, connecting to guidance and Spirit, she will choose from a variety of tools that feel right and fit your needs. Healing techniques can include Reiki energy, sound therapy (using drums, rattles, singing bowls, or tuning forks), clearing and balancing the chakras, removing energetic intrusions or blocks, or power animal retrievals. Often during the session, a message may come through directly to you or may come through Chris. In the final step of the healing Session, and once the energy work is completed, Chris will give you suggestions to help you continue the healing process on your own.

    Cost: 50 minutes for $90.00

    Register for either by calling 847-525-2600 or email

    Chris Moses MS, LASC Founder of Featherheart Holistic Paths, provides counseling and guidance for personal and spiritual growth as well as the facilitation of women's groups and retreats for integration of mind, body and spirit. Bridging traditional psychology and intuitive tools with Native American spirituality and healing practices, she will support you on your journey with sacredness and compassion. A holistic healer, shamanic practitioner and Reiki  Master Practitioner, her restorative approach of assisting in the healing of past wounds, clearing blocked energies in the body, and guiding the continual transformational process, creates an expanded level of consciousness and understanding.

  • Elizabeth Romo image

    Readings, Mediumship or Total Well-Being Sessions
    with Elizabeth Romo (TPD Member)

    As a Medium, Elizabeth serves as a conduit for you and your angels, guides, departed loved ones and other sacred connections, bringing forth information and messages to uplift and support you in your daily life. These messages offer clarity and insights to you so you may benefit from the wisdom, strength and love offered by the spiritual realm. Become more balanced, grounded and able to create life from a place of presence and peace. Cost: $50 for twenty five minutes. $100 for fifty five minutes.

    A Total Well-Being session includes both a private twenty-five reading followed by a thirty-minute energy session. Relax and allow your physical body to release old memories, fears and energies that are stuck. Open to accept energetic patterns of Universal Healing Energy to balance you for your optimum health. Become more grounded and better able to create life from a place of presence and peace. $100 for fifty five minutes.

    To make your reservation email:

    “Elizabeth, I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful session we had together yesterday. I feel like a changed person today. I have a new found confidence and serenity and patience that my life path is adding new chapters within God's timing.”
    – Nancy

    Working with clients since 1993, Elizabeth is an Evidential Medium, and a Spiritual Teacher. She is trained in Past Life Regressions by Dr. Brian Weiss M.D., Life Between Lives training by the Newton Institute and is a Certified Hypnotist and a Reiki Master Teacher. She is also trained in Quantum Touch and EFT.