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Well-Being Weekend
We must always change, renew,
rejuvenate ourselves,
otherwise we harden.

Johann Von Goethe
German Writer(1749 - 1832)

The Well-Being Weekend is The Present Moment’s semi-annual day or day-and-a-half retreat designed to provide inspiration and education around a central theme. The speakers are all members of our Trusted Professionals Directory. Limited to just 24 participants, our aim is to create a safe environment which allows participants to speak freely and learn with no judgment or self-consciousness. Usually held in February and October, listed below are the themes we’ve had for past Well-Being Weekends. But first, a few testimonials from those who have participated in this fun and enlightening experience…

Testimonials -

  • “The best part of the day is being able to connect in two ways: one is with the other people in the room and the other is with myself.” - C.N.
  • “I can’t thank you enough for putting this wonderful day together. I learned something from each speaker.” –M.R.
  • “This was an amazing event and totally exceeded my expectations. It was my first time and I can’t wait for the next one.” –N.R.
  Previous Themes
February, 2017   Begin Again: Let It Go
February, 2016   Ignite Your Personal Power
October, 2015   Put Fuel In Your Tank
February, 2015   Nourish Your Soul
October, 2014   Radical Self-Love
February, 2014   Come Alive!
October, 2013   Peace of Heart, Mind and Spirit
February, 2013   Health, Wealth and Feeling Good!