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Who You Are Meant To Be

The Enneagram Effect

with Rosemary Hurwitz

Rosemary Hurwitz

Sundy, November 11  2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Libertyville Civic Center, 135 W. Church St., Libertyville
$85.00 (includes a written personalized Enneagram reading and
a signature Enneagram pendant)

Like Alice in Wonderland, prepare to open doors that will surprise,
inspire and free you to be the best version of yourself!

In this experiential workshop you will see with much greater clarity how your life is affected and empowered by knowing your Enneagram personality type. Rosemary likes to refer to the Enneagram as an “emotional MRI” because the results are specific to the individual. People often ask her how it is possible for the results to be so accurate or resonate so deeply, and she responds that it is accurate because it was authored by YOU; it is a self-rated multiple choice profile about you.

This workshop involves a little pre-work; you will complete the Enneagram self-assessment and return it to Rosemary so that you can review your results during the workshop. Knowing your specific Enneagram personality type (there are nine) will be important as Rosemary reviews what she calls the “Seven Mainstays” of the Enneagram:

  1. Several of your strengths and challenges, based on your specific personality type.
  2. Your emotional passion or driving energy and how to identify it in your thoughts and behavior patterns, and then how to manage it and direct it.
  3. Your preferred “wing style” and how this influences your core personality type.
  4. Your “area of avoidance” or denial.
  5. Your preferred “instinctual center”, i.e., are you a head, heart or gut person, and how to align all three centers before solving a problem.
  6. Your “Wellness Map” which shows corresponding types you receive from when you are centered, and also which type you receive from when you are tense or stressed.
  7. Ways to practice balance.

Included with your assessment will be a beautiful pendant, specific to your Enneagream type. On the back of the pendant will be three qualities of your essential self which can be a reminder for you as you go about your day. Many people use the pendant as a key chain fob in order to be reminded regularly of their qualities.

In order to receive the results of your Enneagram assessment, once you have registered for the workshop please send your mailing address to Sue. You will receive the Enneagram assessment and a SASE for return to Rosemary (at no charge), and she will then bring your results to the workshop. The assessment must be completed and returned to Rosemary no later than October 28th.

Rosemary Hurwitz, a married mom of four young adults, is passionate about an inner directed life and she found the focus for it in the Enneagram. She received her Enneagram Certification in an MA. Pastoral Studies program at Loyola University, Chicago, in 2001. Rosemary has studied and taught the Enneagram ever since. She also gives Enneagram-based private coaching for awareness and emotional wellness.

Why you should come to this workshop–
Rosemary:  I think this is best said by don Miguel Ruiz Jr, Author of “Living a Life of Awareness” and “The Five Levels of Attachment”: “Rosemary teaches and works with an incredible instrument of transformation, the Enneagram. It is essentially a mirror that reflects both the resourceful and non-resourceful characteristics of an individual’s nature, which allows us to become aware of our strengths and weaknesses as we engage the process our own personal development. Rosemary brings enthusiasm and deep wisdom to this tradition with her teachings and coaching.”

Sue:  I was surprised by my Enneagram results and wasn’t a believer until Rosemary explained them to me in a simple yet clear way. Now I embrace my personality type and instantly am aware when I am out of alignment with it. The Enneagram is a wonderful tool that I refer to again and again.

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