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I’m an Adult! Where are These
Emotions Coming From?

Navigating Family Dynamics and Caring for Aging Parents
with Deb Torres

Deb Torres

Sunday, November 18  2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Libertyville Civic Center, 135 W. Church St., Libertyville

This workshop will help you to identify the emotions that often come up when we care for aging parents. Deb will explain how these emotions affect the journey of caring for parents.

Deb will help you answer such questions as:

  • Am I am losing who I am?
  • How did I get to this place?
  • How do I go back to where I used to be?
  • How do I handle not wanting this responsibility of care giving?
  • Am I done? What happens next if I stop making decisions?

As part of her discussion, Deb will focus on anger management, frustration and not being in control. You will also learn about the common forms required and discuss topics such as Medicare, Medicaid, DNR and POA .

Deb Torres is someone who brings people into the world and helps them leave literally. She is passionate about education and values life greatly. Her 31 years of experience as a social worker has given her a breadth of understanding about the “pink elephant” in our society regarding end of life situations. She is passionate about creating conversations among families about end of life choices, medical illness and respecting parents choices as they age with dignity.

Why you should come to this workshop–
Deb:   Many families have questions about the end of life. There is often fear of talking about the disease processes and concern about how to support the wishes of a loved one. There is no need to feel like you are caught in the middle or to feel a high degree of stress and pressure. Come and learn what you can do before a crisis occurs to help ease the stress on family members and loved ones.

Sue:  I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Deb and am in awe of her knowledge on this subject plus her ability to bring simplicity to a complicated topic. Deb and I am honored to open up the discussion on a delicate subject and do so in a safe and comfortable setting.

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