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Successful people seek counsel, where failures listen to opinions.

Greg S. Reid


Business Coaching

As a business coach and consultant I help women solopreneurs and entrepreneurs move their businesses forward. My work is based on my foundational belief that every business owner can do business their way, taking into account what works for your business AND what you enjoy doing.

I help my clients get unstuck, gain focus and clarity and bring attention back to what’s important in their business. I relish being a sounding board for my clients and, knowing that each business is unique, approach each engagement with a tailor-made approach.

Why use a business coach?

We’ve all heard the famous quote from Einstein which says the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over again and expect different results.

When you reach that place where you’re feeling stuck or on auto-pilot, or you’re just not getting the results you want, having someone to hear you out and help you think things through (be a sounding board), provide an alternative view and ideas and get you unstuck is where I come in.

A good business coach listens hard, asks good questions and will always work with you on your mindset. This is of fundamental importance because if your head isn’t in the right place, your business will not flourish. I like to say, “I coach people, not their businesses.”

Having a thirty-year corporate career exposed me to all areas of business. In addition, having been the General Manager of two small business, and now having had three successful small businesses of my own, I am intimately familiar with every aspect of running a business.

There are a few examples of specific areas where I can help:

  • Reviewing your website and providing feedback regarding its impact.
  • Developing products and the marketing approach to go with them.
  • First drafts of customer communications so that you don› have to create, just edit in your voice.
  • As a sounding board when you just need to talk through something and be pushed to see other sides to a situation.
  • Scripting an upcoming presentation or even a difficult conversation.
  • Creating project plans, utilizing the classwork from the organization classes I teach.

My approach in my coaching is a bit more holistic in that I don’t set up weekly calls and then abandon my clients in between those calls; we’re always checking in or sending updates and I will often call with an idea for your business that suddenly came to me.

That’s why instead of pricing per hour or month I offer packages. I also do this because sometimes the “month” gets elongated due to schedule conflicts or the amount of work to be done and I like to honor that rather than be a stickler about a timing box.


Package A   $500

  • Four (4) one-on-one strategy/coaching phone or Skype calls
  • Check-ins via email or text between calls
  • Content, website and/or copy ideas and review
  • Easy access for celebratory or emergency/urget advisory calls

Package B   $1400 (or 3 payments of $600,$400,$400)

  • Twelve (12) one-on-one strategy/coaching phone or Skype calls
  • Check-ins via email or text between calls
  • Content, website and/or copy ideas and review
  • Easy access for celebratory or emergency/urget advisory calls

Package C   $2400 (or 3 payments of $800)

  • Twenty-four (24) one-on-one strategy/coaching phone or Skype calls
  • Check-ins via email or text between calls
  • Content, website and/or copy ideas and review
  • Easy access for celebratory or emergency/urget advisory calls

Retainer  $400 per month
After our primary work is completed, some clients will keep me on retainer. In exchange for a monthly fee, I am available whenever needed as a sounding board, copy editor or for other issues.

Ready to find out if we’re a good fit? Contact me for a personal Discovery Call.


In addition to my coaching packages, I offer several single coaching sessions.

One-hour Mentoring Session  $150
The hour is yours – we can discuss and resolve any current or burning issue with no distractions.

Website Review  $200
I will review your current website and provide written comments regarding my overall impressions regarding your brand image and messaging, plus identify what may be missing, areas where clarity is needed or suggest content that needs to be updated or improved.

Retail Advisory Session  $300
During this two-hour session we will discuss what is needed for running a successful retail store, whether that be a brick-and-mortar or an online store.

Full-Day Coaching Intensive  $1,000
If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to wait to work on all aspects of your business, a full-day coaching intensive is perfect for you. Prior to our meeting I will develop a plan for the day, based on your input regarding the areas you’d like to address. We’ll meet and work our plan for a full eight hours (breaking for lunch, of course!).

Writing/Copy Editing  $50/hour
If writing isn’t your strong suit, I am available to write drafts of web copy, emails, promotional pieces, etc. for your review. I am also available to provide an objective edit to pieces you’re written.

Contact me to discuss or schedule any of the above sessions.


Working with Sue has been an incredible experience. She helped me and my business explore avenues I was reluctant to pursue. With her support, business knowledge, marketing abilities and her intuition, Sue helped me accomplish more in one year than I ever have in my many years as an entrepreneur. If you need a business coach for short term or long term assistance, Sue would be the person I would direct you to.
– M. Goldberg
Healer, Intuitive, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Teacher and Host of Guided Spirit Conversatons podcast

Inspiring, intelligent, authentic, effective and organized are the words that come to mind when I think of Sue. When making the decision to completely change careers after 21 years, I consulted with Sue who had just the insight I needed. With new ways of looking at defining who I am and what I can offer my clients, she helped to clarify my vision and my focus on where I want to go. She has a tremendous understanding and knowledge of building your brand, marketing and communication and her advice and encouragement have been invaluable. Sue will help you create more of a business than you ever thought you could!
– K. Cowperthwaite
Intuitive Coach

It’s hard to find an advisor who can give your business a boost or keep your dreams alive, but Sue Opeka is one of those special people. I’ve taken her ideas for new businesses, samples of new products and just plain “how come I can’t seem to…” questions and have never come away empty handed. Sue is a total package. The thing that makes her special is that she takes the time to get into your idea and understand the guts of it, all without being judgmental or trying to turn it into something it’s not. For instance, I showed her samples of a new product I’m working on. She took the time to really evaluate what I was offering and gave me ideas on product lines, suggestions on pricing and even had some recommendations on expanding into new arenas. That kind of business feedback is hard to find, but her background in retail, finance and strategy are all wrapped into one. She even prompted me to add a tag line and other marketing info to give a customer a reason to care about my product. “It’s all about telling a story,” she said, “otherwise you’re no different from anybody else on the shelf.” That kind of advice only comes from a woman with experience and the business success to back it up. In short, Sue is a real gem.
– Pat H.

Like many aspiring young artists, I struggle to market and sell my artwork. Recently, I had the urge to sell my creative wrap dolls but once again was plagued with the burden of marketing my own art. I was lost. Faced with a brick wall standing tall in front of me I sought the guidance of Susan Opeka as a creative strategist. Susan was a highly respected store owner but more importantly an innovative thinker. In a creative session, we brainstormed ideas to market and possibly sell my dolls. I was extremely impressed by her professional manner, knowledge and ability to generate unique and forward thinking ideas. With the guidance from Susan I was able to sell my dolls and develop a new and novel approach for marketing my artwork. I would highly recommend Susan and thank her for my ongoing success.
– Caroline Laird
Artist, Certified Art Therapist, Educator

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sue as part of a Mastermind team. Her mix of creativity and business smarts has been a tremendous help to me as I transitioned my business. I’ve managed to launch a new program sooner than I would have if I hadn’t had her feedback and encouragement. I’ve accomplished more in less time. The feedback I’ve received has been invaluable. I highly recommend Sue Opeka.
– Adrienne McGill
Founder and owner, Adrienne Clarisse

I have been resisting writing an ezine as a way to connect to my market for the life coaching business I have. I've been resisting this for a very long time. It always felt a little overwhelming and frankly, I wasn't convinced that it would really make a difference. Sue inspired me to think differently using the argument that people do want to hear from me, that I have a following and that I need to feed them (my words, not hers). She told me about how my name was a brand since I have been in the community for 11 years as a prominent life coach and that it was time to take advantage of that. She gave me some ideas of what to call my monthly newsletter and made it sound fun and doable. I left our meeting determined to get this started. I actually enjoyed putting this ezine together and called it Soaring Spirit Coaching from Faith. I have ideas of how to move forward, keep my message short and to the point, and enjoy the process. It is a bit of a miracle after believing for so long that this just wasn't something I wanted to do. Sue called me forth and I rose to the task! She gave me some ideas, the motivation as well as ways to brand myself that made sense. Her expertise, insight and encouragement really worked.
– Faith
Life Coach