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Where is Your Attention?

We can always choose to perceive things differently. We can focus on what’s wrong in our life, or we can focus on what’s right.  Marianne Williamson

Many people have suggested that I start a blog. My response has always been, “What would I blog about?” I don’t consider myself to be a philosopher or expert on anything. Sure, I have opinions, but doesn’t everyone? Nope, a blog isn’t for me. But this morning, during my meditation time, I was overcome with a knowing that I have to go on the record about something.

It seems lately that I’ve been pulled into more conversations than usual with people who applaud me for keeping the store open in these “difficult economic times” and then they go on to talk about how “bad” the economy is and how people are “struggling”. I hear people accepting what the media or others are saying as the truth and I witness the emotional toll it is taking on them. Believe me, I acknowledge that the place we are in today is different than it was a few years ago (I am, after all, a retailer), and I know that many of us have been faced with challenges as we work through these changes.

But I also know that what we choose to put our attention, energy and thoughts on is what we will create. And, in particular, the words we choose to say can be so powerful and affect us to our core. Notice those words I’ve put in quote marks above – how many times do you catch yourself talking that way? Is this what you believe and, more importantly, is this how you want your world to be? I don’t. I know I can’t influence what the media chooses to tell us about their version of what is going on, but I personally have been working very hard to keep myself planted firmly in the belief that everything is working out for our highest good. I want to be part of the positive collective consciousness that can shape our world.

Alan Cohen, one of my favorite authors, asks, “How would you be feeling and acting differently if you knew that everything would turn out all right?” I ask you, for your own well-being, to give this some thought, meditate on it, and turn towards the possibilities of what is to come. Right now, in this present moment, all is well, and we can look forward to the future with joy.