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"Through a beautiful synthesis of ancient insight and modern science, 

Dr. Weissman gives our minds a reason to accept what our heart already

knows - that love is the great healer of life, and the power to love into

wellness lives within each of us."

~ Gregg Braden, New York Times best-selling author of The Divine Matrix

Dear Susan,
One of the items on my bucket list is to meet Louise Hay and maybe share a meal with her. I find her to be truly inspirational - she started Hay House Publishing at the age of 50 and never looked back. Today Hay House has become an international powerhouse, offering not only books but cruises, conferences, radio programming, and soon it will be announcing a virtual program. I am excited to have been chosen to be an affiliate of Hay House - stay tuned for more info about that.
So I guess it's no surprise that I love to host Hay House authors who've met Louise and align with her values (and maybe have a story or two to tell). I find it especially interesting to hear these authors speak because it's as if they are leaping off the pages of their books and giving you new information and insight. Many of them, like Dr. Darren Weissman who will be here on May 9, also host a weekly Hay House Radio show, and its description is a perfect summary of what he will be speaking about:

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and feel your heart's connection to this moment. Do you recognize the truth of who you are? Or, are you finding yourself to be stuck 

in old beliefs and patterns that are limiting the health of your body and relationships? With his insight and care, you'll finally discover Divine meaning in life's miraculous journey. Dr. Darren has been coined a spiritual cardiologist, performing 'open heart' surgery to awaken the rhythm of peace in each and every heart that he touches. 

Dr. Darren dives deep below the surface of superficial dramas and traumas to reveal, unleash, and empower you to live your life with your heart  wide open...

The way your body and life were naturally designed!


On May 9th we will have the opportunity to listen to and watch Dr. Darren as he brings this topic to life and discusses the See, Feel, Hear Challenge, a powerful technique we can use to transform our lives. I hope you'll join me to hear this truly dynamic speaker.


With gratitude,

p.s. The next Inspired Success Circle is tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Living Well Physical Therapy in Libertyville. Come by and talk about your passions and dreams - it's fun! See below for more details.
p.s.s. Renew Your Spirit Sunday is back in May and is this coming Sunday. All the details are below.



Calendar of Events (See below and the website for more details)

May    2    6:30 p.m.    Inspired Success Circle (Living Well Physical Therapy)

May   5                        RENEW YOUR SPIRIT SUNDAY Details

May   9    7:00 p.m.     An Evening with Dr. Darren Weissman Details

May 14    7:00 p.m.     Inspired Success Circle (Evolve)

May 21    6:30 p.m.     Inspired Success Circle (Center for Wellness)



June 5      7:00 p.m.     Workshop: Crossing Over with Eileen Grace Details

June 18    7:00 p.m.     Messages for You with Elizabeth Romo Details


Save the Date

September 21, 22       The Well-Being Weekend




Renew Your Spirit Sunday

May 5, 2013     10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

 at Bodyworks Health & Fitness in Libertyville, 510 1st Street 

(just one  block east of downtown Libertyville)


Each practitioner below has set their own fees and time limits for sessions, and each practitioner schedules their own appointments. You may still just drop in on the day of the event but an appointment is highly recommended, especially if you'd like to come in the morning. Contact information for each person is shown as part of their bio. Each practitioner will take payment themselves and cash or checks will be accepted.


New this month! 
Free drop-in discussion circles from two members of our Trusted Professionals Directory. No charge - just drop in!

Terry 11:00 a.m. Terry Hall, CPA answers any questions you might have regarding tax forms, tax rules, filing issues, or the IRS. Terry is an expert in financial evidence and has worked with attorneys and insurance companies on financial litigation and has taught Illinois CPA classes for forensic accountants. Click here to view Terry's profile in the directory Terry Hall


Christine S 1:00 p.m. Christine Sonnen will conduct a Past Life Group Regression and answer any questions you have about the benefits of Past Life Regression.  This experience is for beginners, intermediates, and advanced levels. Time permitting she will also do a Future Life Progression to give you a glimpse of some strengths of your future self or information about your soul. Click here to view Christine's profile in the directory Christine Sonnen



But wait - more fun is on the way! Lift the girls, raise your spirit!



Adrienne from Adrienne Clarisse will be here to help you raise more than your spirits by offering Bra Consultations and Bra Fittings.
Wearing a bra that fits correctly not only helps you look good and helps your clothes fit better, it helps you feel more confident.  Confidence leads to feeling good about yourself.  When you feel good about yourself, you can do anything.  You know that don't you?  But did you know that 80% of women are wearing improperly fitting bras?  Finding the right bra is a painstaking effort for most women.  All that will change when you meet Adrienne.


During a Bra Consultation, Adrienne will analyze the current bra you are wearing and tell you whether or not it fits.  She'll explain what she looks for in a proper fitting bra.  She'll offer suggestions on what sizes and possible styles you should try based on your body type. Cost: $20; Appointment is approximately 20 minutes. 
During a Bra Fitting Adrienne will do the same as in a Bra Consultation.  However, you'll also be personally fit and try on different sizes and styles.  Adrienne will make recommendations based on your lifestyle, current ready-to-wear wardrobe and personal preferences.  You may chose to purchase bras which are not included in the fit fee and start out at $76.  
Cost: $75;  Appointment is approximately 30-40 minutes.


After you have your bra consultation, should you decide to upgrade to a Bra Fitting, the cost of the consultation ($20) will be applied towards the Bra Fitting fee of $75.
Adrienne McGill is passionate about helping women feel good about themselves.  As the owner of Adrienne Clarisse, she has fit 1,000's of women over the last 8 years. She is also the founder of Bra Fit Academy, which is designed to teach women how to select proper fitting undergarments.  Adrienne can be reached at or 847.573.8905 for any questions or to schedule your appointment.
"My new bras have revolutionized my life!  Having a bra that properly fits makes an enormous difference.  The bras are wonderful and it was completely worth the road trip to see you.  I appreciate the time and care you took to make sure I was fit properly.  It also means a lot to me that you were concerned about how I felt during the process.  You made me feel good inside and out!"  Allison, Rockford, IL


And here are this month's practitioners . . .
Eileen NEW! Akashic Record Consultations with Eileen Grace (TPD Member)

The Akashic Records are the collective energetic vibration of each individual soul and their journey throughout time. They are often referred to as the library of souls. These sacred records contain your past, your present as well as your future possibilities. The primary experience of being in the Akashic Records is one of being both known and loved. Healing occurs as you experience your soul from this place of love and compassion. Experiencing the richness of the Records can help people in every area of life. Insight and guidance from the Records can assist us to reveal our soul's very essence, potential and purposes.  Issues of a lifetime are brought to light from a higher, spiritual perspective. Healing can occur as we come to a greater understanding of our patterns and needs from a soul level, as well as growing in consciousness as you remember who you are, where you came from and experience your own magnificence. 

During your consultation, Eileen will access the Akashic Records through a Sacred Prayer. This process brings about a shift out of ordinary human consciousness into divine consciousness. Eileen then is able to access information that is at the soul level.  Information revealed is for everyone's highest good and from a divinely loving nature. Messages are delivered in a way that makes sense to the one having the consultation. It is an experience that is not only heard through the spoken word but felt through the heart. 



"As Eileen was reading my records I asked my questions, and listened to her insight and I began to see the puzzle pieces came together in a very profound way. The blocks and restrictions that came up from previous lives made complete sense in how they were affecting this life. Eileen not only gave me this insight to reflect on, but she gave me ways in which to release these "old beliefs" so that I could move forward and be more present in this life. Since my reading I have not only a greater sense of peace, but a greater sense of who I am".  Dana


Eileen Grace is a Soul Coach, Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher. As a Hospice Nurse she has witnessed many mystical as well as magical experiences.  Certified as an Akashic Record Practitioner with Advanced Akashic Record Training she has merged 25 years of traditional medicine with Spiritual healing practices.  Eileen has extensive holistic training and is a Certified Angel Messenger, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified in Past Life Regression with Brian Weiss, Graduate of the College of Spiritual Evolution and Teacher at Equilibrium, Energy and Education Center, Chicago. Cost: $40 for 25 minutes or $80 for 50 minutes. Contact Eileen at or call 847-507-1346. 

NEW! Accessing Your Consciousness with "The Bars" Energy Work with Karen Cowperthwaite (TPD Member)
How much of your day is spent doing, doing, doing? Are you living your life making sure you don't need to receive?  What if you allowed yourself to receive so that you could have the life you truly desire--no preconceived notions about what is possible. Having your Bars run, meaning the 32 points on your head being gently touched, releases anything that doesn't allow you to receive. 

Your energy session begins by asking about limiting beliefs you may be holding. There are Bars for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex and money. 32 in all. By gently touching the Bars, you can change the energy, and something different can show up in your life with ease. Set yourself free from whatever is limiting you, and explore the questions and choices that lead to greater possibilities. How does it get better than that? Consciousness truly is that easy.


This client explains the benefits of having a Bars session: 

"Recently, I became more aware of a long held limiting belief in me. I wanted to work with Karen to release the energy behind this belief, possibly even work on the "mind" level that created it. 

For me, with Karen applying the very slight pressure of her fingers along my head, I felt very peaceful and relaxed.  I had many insights come to me while she moved about my head and my body.  It was like I was hearing in my own mind what my higher self wanted me to hear - the NEW beliefs that I understand now need to take the place of the old.  This was without me trying to hear, without me actively "doing" anything!  I intended to be open to receive and that is exactly what occurred.  I received information and I received thoughts, I believe from my higher self and my guides/angels. 

Since then, I DO feel like that limiting belief is not nearly as present or strong. What I seem to sense is more of a trusting in myself and my well being - and more awareness that what I had given power to was too much 'mind'."


Karen Cowperthwaite is certified as a Master Instructor for Integrated Energy Therapy and she is a BARS & Reiki practitioner. She is trained as an Intuitive Life Coach for Weight Release, Relationships and Reconnecting with Your Purpose by Colette Baron-Reid.  Karen has worked in the special education field for 21 years. She has a special place in her heart for children with special needs and their families, for those being treated for chronic illnesses and caregivers.  A married, mother of three, Karen credits her daughters with being her greatest teachers. Cost: $40/25 minutes or $80/55 minutes. Contact Karen at or 847-508-6679.


Elizabeth2Intuitive Readings or Energy Sessions with Elizabeth Romo
(TPD Member)

As a Medium, Elizabeth serves as a conduit between you and your angels, guides and other sacred connections, bringing forth information and messages to uplift and support you in your daily life. These messages offer clarity and insight to you so you may benefit from the wisdom, strength and love offered by the spiritual realm. Messages from departed loved ones frequently come through.. During the Energy Sessions, Elizabeth assists in facilitating healing energies into your auric field and physical body in order to balance you energetically, releasing thoughts, fears and/or memories that no longer serve you, that keep you from achieving your highest potential. Become more balanced, grounded and able to create life from a place of presence and peace. Elizabeth also offers The Total Well-Being Package which includes both a private twenty-five intuitive reading followed by a thirty-minute energy session. In the reading, you will receive spiritual insight and wisdom from your angels and guides in dealing with your concerns and challenges. Integrate the insightful and compassionate messages you have just received, and assisting you to release thoughts and feelings that are not in alignment with your highest good, Elizabeth will then conduct an energy session. Truly relax and allow your physical body to release old memories, fears and energies that are stuck. Open to accept energetic patterns of Universal Healing Energy to balance you for your optimum health. Cost: $45 for 30 minutes for a single session; $90 for an hour. Contact Elizabeth at 


"Thank you for our session together. It has changed my life. The messages that you brought to me from my  departed loved ones in spirit truly have healed my heart and soul in many ways. I am a new person; not feeling down as I have been for several years. Thank you for this assistance." S., Gurnee, IL


Working with clients since 1993, Elizabeth Romo is a Medium, Clairvoyant and a Spiritual Teacher. She is trained in past life regressions by Dr. Brian Weiss M.D., Life Between Lives training by the Newton Institute and is a Certified Hypnotist and a Reiki Master Teacher. She is also trained in Quantum Touch and EFT. 


rebeccaIntuitive Readings with Rebecca Smith Hill (TPD Member)

We can cross the bridge to a vast storeroom of knowledge from our higher selves. Bring your heart, your questions, your feelings, and we'll work together to open pathways to the best part of you. Whether it is your job, relationships, discontent, or the simple feeling of wondering, you can be guided and energized with divine inspiration. As an intuitive healer, Rebecca fills in the gaps of your present journey with loving guidance and a desire to see you blossom in the way you look at your life. As a psychic medium, she brings smiles and tears of happiness to many who wish to hear a message from a loved one who has passed, while also telling you about the people who are present in your life right now. Rebecca works creatively to help you understand your own ability to listen to the ever-present voice of your psychic self. Every consultation is a shared process to bring out the best in your reading. Sometimes what you hope to learn may not be what your Spirit Guides and Angels wish you to hear at that particular time. Becky works with clients in 20 states, 4 countries and counting. She shares the truest parts of heart-centered living and guides you on the pathways to understanding your loving connection to divine oneness. Cost: $40 for 30 minutes or $80 for an hour. Contact Rebecca at or (847)830-5254.


Testimonial: "My trust in her gift is so strong that seven other family members have now happily seen her. She has connected me with my deceased father and I felt all unresolved issues with my father melt away. When she correctly predicted my teenage daughter's trip to India, I was blown away. She has illuminated a clear path that has put me at ease. Thank you, Rebecca!"


Rebecca Hill is a gifted Psychic-Medium, opening hearts and changing attitudes about the gifts of our higher consciousness. Having studied for years under renowned psychic and spiritual teacher, Sonia Choquette, she is now giving guidance internationally. 


ChrisMedicine Wheel Reading or Shamanic Healing Session with Chris Moses, MS (TPD Member)


Medicine Wheel Reading: Messages from the Wisdom of the Earth - 

The Medicine Wheel opens you to the magical world where all things are connected and where the cycles and rhythms of life are waiting to support you through a symbolic system of the human life journey. This intuitive reading, using stones and crystals, offers insights and a focused tool to use over the next two months. Each stone gives an understanding of different aspects of your Self, major life lessons and current challenges. Using your own energy, you choose the stones from the medicine wheel; Chris then will explain and intuit their symbolic meaning. You will walk away with practical information to current situations and influence changes in your life, resulting in greater integration and balance with oneself and the Earth.  Cost: $40 for 25 minutes

Shamanic Healing Session - 

We store all of our experiences, life lessons and environmental influences in the body. A shamanic healing session can offer you release, and restore balance and harmony of vital energies, and support your spiritual empowerment. After a brief sharing and assessment of your situation, Spirit will guide us to use the tools that feel right and fit your needs. Healing techniques can include a variety of sacred tools and practices - Reiki and other energy modalities, sound healing with the use of drum, rattles, singing bowls, tuning forks, as well as feather cleansings, balancing Chakras, energetic extractions, or power animal retrievals.  Cost: $80 for 50 minutes Register for either by calling (847)525-2600 or email


Testimonial: "I've gone over my wheel information and I find that everything on it is VERY relevant and easily speaks to me and the current state of my life.  I've been to lots of different spiritual practitioners who have given me valuable information but I usually have to work much, much harder to see any relevance."


Chris Moses MS, LASC Founder of Featherheart Holistic Paths, provides counseling and guidance for personal and spiritual growth as well as the facilitation of women's groups and retreats for integration of mind, body and spirit. Bridging traditional psychology and intuitive tools with Native American spirituality and healing practices, she will support you on your journey through transformational work with sacredness and compassion. A shamanic practitioner and energy worker, her holistic approach of assisting in the healing of past wounds, clearing blocked energies in the body, and guiding the continual transformational process, creates an expanded level of consciousness and understanding.


NEW! Live Intentionally with the LifeLine Technique® with Leslie Chiappetti 

Are you experiencing physical symptoms that do not seem to go away?  Is the stress of life distracting you from your best self?  The LifeLine Technique®, developed by Dr. Darren Weissman, is a process that communicates with the subconscious mind and guides it with intention.  The LifeLine Technique® uses holistic models such as Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Applied Kinesiology, color therapy, sound therapy, EMDR, EFT, NLP and Epi-Genetics that can all be used in a single session of the LifeLine. As a Master LifeLine Practitioner, Leslie guides her clients through the process with the understanding that each part of them is perfect and whole in this present moment and the LifeLine Technique® allows you to deactivate the protective and subconscious parts of us that come to the surface as physical symptoms and stress.  



"Through the LifeLine Technique® I have truly found myself and what it means to BE healthy in my body and healthy in my life.  It is an experience that is also a tool I can use for myself.  I can look in the mirror and feel proud of myself and I never thought I would ever experience that"- Cathy, Naperville , age 43


Sessions with Leslie are truly an awakening of the mind, body and spirit.  Are you ready to be your best self?  Cost: $30 for 30 minutes; $60 for 60 minutes (Includes a 5-part basic workbook on how to live an optimally balanced life). Contact Leslie at (847)714-1531 or 

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Dr. Darren Weissman
Four Easy Steps to Discovering Gifts in Strange Wrapping Paper
Thursday, May 9   7:00 p.m.
Libertyville Civic Center, 135 W. Church St.

How do we access the authentic self in order to live fulfilling, meaningful lives? How do we transform the subconscious emotional patterns that comprise the root of all symptoms, stress and disease? Join Dr. Darren Weissman as he discusses his forthcoming book, The Heart of the Matter: Gifts in Strange Wrapping Paper and explains a simple but extraordinarily powerful technique called the See, Feel, Hear Challenge that enables people to easily gain entry into the storehouse of their subconscious core beliefs.

 Darren Weissman Details



This invitation-only directory is the best place I know of to find reliable and trustworthy professionals for a variety of needs.Use it often as a primary resource when starting your search. Each month I will highlight a few of the people who are members of the Trusted Professionals Directory and provide a full-length feature for one. Click here to view the entire directory.  TPDirectory



Ann Brown-McCullough (TPD Category: Spiritual Counseling)
Mystic Heart Healing
Bannockburn, IL  
Phone:  847-858-7576  
Email Address:


What I Want You to Know About Me... 

My healing pathway has been an amazing one.  I have a degree in nursing from Georgetown University. I am the proud mother of 9 beautiful children, who inspire me daily.  Following a challenging transition in my life, I began to seek a deeper healing  experience which brought me to the work that I do today.


Mary Ann Morse (TPD Category: Energy Work)
Libertyville, IL 
Phone:  847-680-6734 
Email Address:



What I Want You to Know About Me...

My passion is using my gifts and talents helping people achieve optimum health with gentle and natural ways.  In addition to using the most appropriate techniques for you, I will help you with mind-body connections, self-care, and relaxation techniques. I will guide you in the relaxation response to help your body heal itself.


Elizabeth2Elizabeth Romo (TPD Category: Intuitive Readings)

A Haven For Angels 
Lake Zurich, IL  
Phone:  847-540-6977  
Email Address:



What I Want You to Know About Me...

An Intuitive, Medium and Reverend I am in gratitude for working with clients since 1993, in bringing messages from Spirit of wisdom and love from your High Self, angels, and departed loved ones. I share my Spiritual gifts with you to assist you in learning more about the Spiritual realm and the continuity of life.


Elizabeth, please describe your services

"Medium: bringing messages from deceased loved ones; Clairvoyant: bringing information to you to aid you in living and creating a more balanced life. Spiritual Counselor: assisting you in understanding yourself as a Spiritual Being. Energy Work: facilitating healing energies into your auric field and physical body in order to balance you energetically, releasing thoughts, fears and/or memories that no longer serve you, that keep you from achieving your highest potential. Become more balanced, grounded and able to create life from a place of presence and peace."
Can you describe a typical session?

"We meet and within a few minutes I access my spiritual guidance and bring information, messages and or teachings to my client, all for them to reflect on.These messages are from spirit and are personal; confirmed by the client. These messages are from your High Self, guides and teachers and is meant to give you love, support and insights on issues and situations that are keeping you from being your best and experiencing a more peaceful and meaningful life."

What are the benefits /results people often experience? "Our sessions bring the clients their soul wisdom, insights and clarity in answering their questions regarding the situations they are dealing with currently. The messages and sometimes teachings may come from their High Self, Angels, guides and or departed loved ones. My clients remark that they feel more peaceful, have new understandings and a new outlook regarding their current situations. Regarding Past Life Regressions the information that is brought through is personal and profound. Regarding Energy sessions, you can feel the positive change in your energy by the end of the session."
What makes you different/good at what you do? "My commitment to connect with your soul and access spiritual guidance to bring you the messages, information and or Energy that you require to help you grow spiritually and personally to improve your life right now."
Describe your style or approach: "Personal, one on one, supportive."
What is your Education and Training? "Working with clients since 1993, Elizabeth Romo is a Clairyoyant, a Medium and a Spiritual Teacher. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and is a Reverend. Trained in Past Life Regressions by Dr. Brian Weiss M.D., Life Between Lives training by the Newton Institute, a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master Teacher. She is also trained in Quantum Touch and EFT."

What are your fees?  "$90.00 one hour Intuitive Reading or Counseling Session.
$90.00 one hour Energy Work or a Total Well-Being Session
$90.00 one hour Messages from Those in Spirit Session
$135.00 ninety minute Past Life Regression; Intuitive or via hypnosis
$275.00 three hour + Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Session"


And here's a special place you should know about! Not only does Evolve have

a wonderful product mix, the energy in the space is amazing. 

It's definitely worth a trip to Crystal Lake! 



54 North Williams St.  Crystal Lake, IL 60014 
Phone: 815-444-9905 
Email Address:
Website: Evolve4Peace


When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and 
work toward a definite objective or purpose, they place 
themselves in position, through the alliance, to absorb power 
directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence. 
Napoleon Hill 
Author of the classic Think and Grow Rich 


The mission of The Present Moment is to bring inspiration to both individuals and the community. One of the ways I do this is by running a number of groups with the intention of helping people move forward towards excellence in any endeavor, personal or professional.


ISC Inspired Success Circles

"Where two or more are gathered, grace rushes in with twinkling eyes. Your dream deserves a stimulating network of people who each bring different gifts, experience, and resources to the table." ~Tama Kieves


Calling all artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, career-changers, and freedom junkies! There is another way to work and live. Join us to support and champion each other in creating and wildly succeeding in our life's work!


Based on Tama Kieves' best-selling book Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life's Work!, Inspired Success Circles are for people who are discovering their passion and authentic desires, and for those who are already doing what they love or expressing their creativity but want to take that success to the next level. It's about gathering with others to talk about what ignites your passion and also being in community with kindred spirits who listen and support your desires. 


The process is fun and simple and involves using Tama's book as the basis for the discussion. Groups will meet at the following locations and times. No reservations are necessary - just drop in! The cost of a meeting is $10.00 and you can attend as many meetings as you'd like during the month. New locations will be added in the coming months.


Living Well Physical Therapy

1880 West Winchester Rd.



Thursday, May 2   6:30 p.m.



54 N. Williams St.

Crystal Lake


Tuesday, May 14   7:00 p.m.


Center for Wellness

700 N. Lake St.(in the Century 21 building)



Tuesday, May 21  6:30 p.m. 



Pivot Teams are essentially mini-Mastermind groups, where people come together for just three meetings to brainstorm and grow an idea or discuss an issue. These are especially helpful for people who want access to a group of peers for a short period of time, and can then move forward with their idea. Click here to learn more and download an application.  Pivot Teams 


Momentum Groups (TM)


As a private practitioner, solo professional or small business owner do you ever feel somewhat alone and a little bit confused on what to do next? Are you reliant on yourself for ideas and do you feel you waste time trying to figure things out by yourself? Now you don't have to walk this journey alone. I am forming Mastermind groups, called Momentum Groups (TM) to help you move beyond your own limited view of what's possible. Imagine having 4-5 people you meet with twice a month for the purpose of problem-solving, brainstorming, encouraging, and motivating each other. By becoming a member of one of these groups, you get to hang out with others who are all working to reach a common goal: to have a profitable, rewarding and fun business that feeds your soul and helps others as well. Details


The Present Moment offers you two opportunities to get involved and live inspired. The first is through our Pay It Forward Kindness Program for Girls.
This program is loosely based on ideas drawn from Catherine Ryan Hyde's best-selling book, Pay It Forward. In our program, girls receive three charms and a card for recording their experiences. I ask them to look for opportunities to perform three acts of kindness to other girls. Each time they do, they give one of the charms to the recipient of their action, and ask that person to perform their own act of kindness and pass along the charm. This is a great activity for Girl Scout groups, church groups, sports teams, and any other group, as well as for individuals. Pay It Forward kits are available for $3.00 each. Click this link to find out how to participate. KindnessProgram
The second way for you to live inspired and bring inspiration to others is by conducting your own Inspiration Experiment. Try this...go about your day intending to inspire at least one person. (Inspire means "to influence, move or guide as if by divine inspiration.") You may like it so much that you make it a daily ritual. Remember, if you do something for 21 days in a row it becomes a habit. Wouldn't this be a great habit for all of us to adopt? I'd love to hear your stories of how you inspired someone or how you are feeling as you consciously test this out. You can email me at Sue Opeka. There is a Face Book page called "The Inspiration Experiment" where I post your stories - with your permission and anonymously, of course - and you can post there as well. Just go to The Inspiration Experiment on Facebook to read the stories of what others have already done. And don't forget to like us once you're there! If you'd like to read the full story of how The Inspiration Experiment came to be, just click here. Thoughts From Sue 
The Present Moment  GreenOaks, Illinois 60048
Both The Present Moment and The Inspiration Experiment