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I love the idea of inspiring others through a great quote, book or discussion, and have always believed that when people gather around a common goal or idea, magic can happen. There is so much strength in knowing you are not alone. I am passionate about helping others move ahead and develop as professionals and individuals and thrive in idea-building environments and working with/in high energy teams.

I founded The Present Moment in 2006 after a fulfilling corporate career and as an outlet for this passion. The store soon became a recognized brand, community and a favorite destination with a far reach. Our reputation grew as a trusted place for helping people feel good and always having the perfect, unique gift for that special moment. My two original-design, trademarked chocolate products were a customer favorite. Soon workshops, speakers and off-site events were added to our service offerings along with a kindness program for girls.

As the store’s reputation grew, I found I was being sought out more and more by other shop owners and a variety of artists and authors for business advice and creative ideas for developing a product, attracting customers or differentiating their brand. When I decided to close the store, it was these type of conversations I knew I had to keep alive in order to fuel my passion. Today, as CEO and founder of The Present Moment, I continue to build community through consultative services, events and the exchange of information. The kindness program lives on and I was honored to be featured in Woman’s World magazine as “someone who is changing the world.”

Susan Opeka has an MBA from DePaul University in Chicago and a BS in Business and Economics from Barat College in Lake Forest, Illinois. In her more than 25 years of corporate experience, she has been the CFO of a $600 million manufacturing company and Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Acquisitions for a $3 billion global auto parts manufacturer. Susan also ran the service side of a $10 million financial consulting firm in Chicago, where she managed a group of 45 consultants on a variety of engagements.

Thoughts From Sue

The Power of SO WHAT? and Self-Love

Turn your melodrama into mellow drama.  Ram Dass

There’s a popular song out now that I really like. It’s a dance number (okay, I’m really dating myself here)... it's a hip hop song and the chorus goes:

“I throw my hands up in the air sometimes
Saying AYO
Gotta let go.
I wanna celebrate and live my life
Saying AYO
Baby, let’s go.”

You can’t help but dance to this song, whether that’s car dancing (which I like to do just to drive my teenage daughter crazy) or dancing in the bathroom while getting ready in the morning or while fixing dinner....whenever I hear that song I just have to move. The beat is great but I love what the words of the chorus tell us to do – throw our hands up and just let go. There is so much drama that comes at us in our daily lives and how we deal with it can make such a difference in our happiness. So I’ve adopted a very powerful tool - the SO WHAT? question. When stuff comes up, as it always does, I test it. Can I just say SO WHAT? here and move on? Yes? Ah, breathe. All is well. This is very powerful, not to mention a healthy thing to do, and I’ll give you a real life example.

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Where is Your Attention?

We can always choose to perceive things differently. We can focus on what’s wrong in our life, or we can focus on what’s right.  Marianne Williamson

Many people have suggested that I start a blog. My response has always been, “What would I blog about?” I don’t consider myself to be a philosopher or expert on anything. Sure, I have opinions, but doesn’t everyone? Nope, a blog isn’t for me. But this morning, during my meditation time, I was overcome with a knowing that I have to go on the record about something.

It seems lately that I’ve been pulled into more conversations than usual with people who applaud me for keeping the store open in these “difficult economic times” and then they go on to talk about how “bad” the economy is and how people are “struggling”.

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“I’m done.”- Sue Opeka (and hopefully you, too)

Those words, spoken aloud, are probably two of the most empowering words you will ever speak. Their power lies in the wonderful feeling of decisiveness and affirmation you will receive once you say them; you just know you are making the choice to move on and move forward.

I’ve declared these words at key points in my life as the final gesture to the Universe that I was listening to my inner voice, creating my own reality and making a choice about how I wanted to be. Have you heard the expression, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired”? Do you ever feel that way? Then declare that you are done. Done with whatever it is you are hanging onto or believing about yourself. Done with being what someone else wants you to be. Done with doing something that no longer serves you or feels good. Just ... be ... done. Now that feels good, doesn’t it?

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