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"Fear is only as deep as the mind allows."
~ Japanese Proverb
Studies have shown that stress chemicals are released in our brains the moment we allow ourselves to feel fear, doubt, worry, or other pain-producing emotions. The sad consequence of this is that the more we stay in these emotions, the easier it is to become anxious or depressed.
If you find yourself in this situation, here's a simple technique I teach in the Instant Meditations workshop. Take a deep breath in, then exhale out whatever you want to let go of (fear, worry, stress, etc.). Say to yourself, "I am breathing out (fear)." Repeat this a few times more. On the next inhalation, breathe in something you'd like to fill up those open spots with - peace, joy, happiness - and say to yourself, "I am breathing in (joy)." Now put the two together and take several breaths, telling yourself that you are breathing out something you no longer desire and breathing in something wonderful to take its place. "I breathe in joy. I breathe out fear."
You may feel foolish at first, but give it a few minutes and your brain will begin to believe you. (No joke - studies have shown this to be true as well.) And because your brain believes you, you will start to feel relaxed and at peace. And here's another tip - set a timer nearby that goes off a couple of times a day to remind you to practice this technique and bring some peace into your body and brain on a regular basis. You'll feel better and your brain will thank you!
With gratitude,
p.s. The next Inspired Success Circle is tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Living Well Physical Therapy. Come by and dream with us - it's fun! See below for more details.
p.s.s. National Random Acts of Kindness week is February 11-17. It's a great time to roll out the Pay It Forward Kindness Program for the girls you love!



Calendar of Events (See below and the website for more details)

February 7    6:30 p.m.    Inspired Success Circle (Living Well Physical Therapy)

February 12  7:00 p.m.    Inspired Success Circle (Evolve)

February 19  7:00 p.m.    Messages for You with Elizabeth Romo

February 21  7:00 p.m.    Workshop: Instant Meditations

February 24  2:00 p.m.    Workshop: Inner Visioning

February 26  6:30 p.m.    Inspired Success Circle (Center for Wellness)

February 28  7:00 p.m.    Workshop: Creating Clarity through Clearing


Coming in March

March 3     Renew Your Spirit Sunday

March 14   Workshop: The Enneagram

March 19   Workshop: Creative Manifestation

March 20   Workshop: The Ch'i of Body and Place: Feng Shui and the Chakras 



Announcing a fun, new event in April! Save the date!




Saturday, April 20, 2013

10:00  a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Libertyville Civic Center


I've heard over and over from you that you miss the kind of merchandise I carried in my store and can't seem to find it in other places. I am creating this very special show to bring together artists, jewelry makers and other fine crafters whose work is inspirational and similar to what was featured in my store. 


If you are the creator of inspiring artwork or jewelry and would like to be considered for 

the boutique, please send an email along with several pictures of your work to

 Sue Opeka. I will then send you the information and forms.  


Messages for You 

with Elizabeth Romo



 Tuesday, February 19  7:00 p.m. 

Libertyville Civic Center, 135 W. Church St. 
Messages for You are personal messages for you from your Soul/High Self, Angels, Spirit Guides, Master Teachers, and those in spirit. These messages bring healing as they are based in love and support of you in response to the situations that you are currently dealing with in your life. The entire session and process are spiritual and sacred in nature....Messages for You (Note: There are only 4 spaces left for this evening.)


Instant Meditations: Techniques for Finding Peace on the Go
with Sue Opeka




 Thursday, February 21  7:00 p.m. 

Libertyville Civic Center, 135 W. Church St. 
Many of us struggle to maintain an ongoing meditation practice, believing we can only achieve a feeling of calm by sitting for 20 or more minutes a day. While regular meditation can indeed change your life, it can also seem intimidating and mysterious and one of those things we wait to start until we have the time. Does this mean you can't find those same feelings of peace throughout your day unless you "commit to sit?" No. There are simple tools you can use that can have a big impact on how you stay in touch with your inner self and relate positively to those around you... 
Inner Visioning
with Rosemary Hurwitz, MA.PS
Sunday, February 24  2:00 p.m.
Libertyville Civic Center, 135 W. Church St.

Do you ever wonder how some people open themselves up to hearing the Divine within? Does it seem like the intuitive process is elusive for you at times? Everything gets better with practice, and the Inner Visioning process is a powerful way to open up and receive messages from your higher guidance. In this workshop you will learn the Inner Visioning process to cultivate your spiritual ear. Opening ourselves in quiet meditation, you will be guided to receive specific ...Inner Visioning




Each month I will highlight a few of the people who are members of the Trusted Professionals Directory and provide a full-length feature for one. Click here to view the entire directory TPDirectory


KarenCKaren Cowperthwaite

Souly Sister 

Phone:  847-508-6679 (by appt. only) 
Email Address:



What I Want You to Know About Me...

I am very much like many women: multi-tasking, multiple roles. When this busyness in my life left me feeling disconnected and exhausted, I knew I needed more balance. This need propelled my journey to find more joy and that feeling of inner peace. By listening to that "still, small voice" that is our inner knowing, I was guided to pursue energy work and intuitive coaching.  It is my pleasure to share this with my clients.


ldLinda Dean 
Lindenhurst , IL 60046 
Phone:  847-757-8579 
Email Address:


What I Want You to Know About Me...

Take your evolvement to the next level, wisdom that moves you forward by your own design with the AvatarĀ® Course. Masterfully address any lingering life issues. Linda assists you in finding humor and appreciation for your journey as you achieve personal goals and help improve the planet.



RosemaryRosemary Hurwitz

Deerfield, IL 
Phone:  847-334-2558 
Email Address:



Hawthorn Woods, IL 
Phone:  847-379-5800  
What I Want You to Know About Me...

I am passionate about my work in emotional wellness and spiritual growth with the time-honored Enneagram.  It is about 9 universal personality types which are a part of us all, but when we know our patterns and our" home", or our Enneagram type, it is as if a key opened a door which was previously locked to ourselves, and our wholeness therein.  I am the facilitator for your empowerment, wellness +  growth, through this profound gift left to us by ancient seekers.


Rosemary, please describe Your Services"I teach and counsel people to deeper self understanding, self-awareness, and also .understanding and compassion in their important relationships. I counsel them for their greater emotional wellness and empowerment, through the Enneagram and other training I have received in an MA Pastoral Studies and Counseling program at Loyola University."   

Can you describe a typical session? "In an hour and fifteen minute session, a student or client would learn briefly about the 9 universal types on the Enneagram and then we would concentrate the hour on their specific type with it's patterns and "wellness map." This is a term I developed because to me this is the ultimate purpose of this growth tool. To assist us in our emotional wellness, which means deepening self-awareness and compassion, and helping us strengthen our connection to our Spirit, and, give us strategies for protecting that connection. This is where we are safe, directed, clear, and whole. I offer written readings and/or 1 hour 15 minute personal consults for an individual's Enneagram type and their specific and unique "wellness map" therein."

What are the benefits /results people often experience? "Better emotional health ; deeper self-awareness, compassion, better body-mind-spirit connection."
What makes you different/good at what you do? "I am deeply connected to this work, called to it, in part, I believe because, I worked hard at my own individuation, as Jung called it, and I am simply called to assist others with theirs. I had a very fruitful experience when I was 18, with a clinical depression, and although so difficult at the time, it was a catalyst for profound growth within me, and I believe my commitment to emotional and spiritual health had some of the deepest roots from that experience. I continue right alongside of my clients learning from them even as I teach them."
Describe your style or approach: "I believe in the 3 C's of Consciousness, Conscience and Community, which means our first priority is to deepen our consciousness, (self-awareness) and from that our conscience grows. when we know better, we do better) and then this spills over to the community that we are in, (vibration gets raised for all affected by our inner and outer work.) I truly in the deepest part of me am happiest (filled with joy) when I am doing my inner work and feel that I am called to be a missionary for consciousness, my own and for those that want a deepening too."
What is your Education and Training? "BA Broadcast Communication, MA in Pastoral Studies and Counseling"

What are your fees?  "$75 for written reading or $100 per hour consult which includes the written reading"


And here's a special place you should know about! Since closing my store I've been looking for places that can offer my customers many of the products I carried. Not only does Evolve have a wonderful product mix, the energy in the space is amazing. 

It's definitely worth a trip to Crystal Lake! 



54 North Williams St.  Crystal Lake, IL 60014 
Phone: 815-444-9905 
Email Address:
Website: Evolve4Peace


Evolve is a shop that offers unique items to restore balance and health in the mind, body and spirit. We have pieces from many cultures around the world as well as from over 25 local artists.  Evolve is a peaceful oasis that many come to visit from near and far to find nurturing tools and reminders  to restore the soul to a place of peace, abundance and lovingkindness. We also hold events, workshops and sessions to educate and uplift you in alternative and holistic wellness. 


When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and 
work toward a definite objective or purpose, they place 
themselves in position, through the alliance, to absorb power 
directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence. 
Napoleon Hill 
Author of the classic Think and Grow Rich 


The mission of The Present Moment is to bring inspiration to both individuals and the community. One of the ways I do this is by running a number of groups with the intention of helping people move forward towards excellence in any endeavor, personal or professional.


ISC Inspired Success Circles

"Where two or more are gathered, grace rushes in with twinkling eyes. Your dream deserves a stimulating network of people who each bring different gifts, experience, and resources to the table." ~Tama Kieves


Calling all artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, career-changers, and freedom junkies! There is another way to work and live. Join us to support and champion each other in creating and wildly succeeding in our life's work!


Based on Tama Kieves' best-selling book Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life's Work!, Inspired Success Circles are for people who are discovering their passion and authentic desires, and for those who are already doing what they love or expressing their creativity but want to take that success to the next level. If you want to gather with others to discuss how to follow your true desire or calling and take inspired action to move forward, then this group is for you.


The process is fun and simple and involves using Tama's book as the basis for the discussion. Groups will meet at the following locations and times. No reservations are necessary - just drop in! The cost of a meeting is $10.00 and you can attend as many meetings as you'd like during the month. New locations will be added in the coming months.


Living Well Physical Therapy

1880 West Winchester Rd.



Thursday, February 7   6:30 p.m.



54 N. Williams St.

Crystal Lake


Tuesday, February 12   7:00 p.m.


Center for Wellness

700 N. Lake St.(in the Century 21 building)



Tuesday, February 26  6:30 p.m. 



Pivot Teams are essentially mini-Mastermind groups, where people come together for just three meetings to brainstorm and grow an idea or discuss an issue. These are especially helpful for people who want access to a group of peers for a short period of time, and can then move forward with their idea. Click here to learn more and download an application.  Pivot Teams 


Momentum Groups (TM)


As a private practitioner, solo professional or small business owner do you ever feel somewhat alone and a little bit confused on what to do next? Are you reliant on yourself for ideas and do you feel you waste time trying to figure things out by yourself? Now you don't have to walk this journey alone. I am forming Mastermind groups, called Momentum Groups (TM) to help you move beyond your own limited view of what's possible. Imagine having 4-5 people you meet with twice a month for the purpose of problem-solving, brainstorming, encouraging, and motivating each other. By becoming a member of one of these groups, you get to hang out with others who are all working to reach a common goal: to have a profitable, rewarding and fun business that feeds your soul and helps others as well.


One group is already full but others are still forming. If you are interested in learning more about these groups, please send an email to me at Sue Opeka and I will send you additional information and an application.


The Present Moment offers you two opportunities to get involved and live inspired. The first is through our Pay It Forward Kindness Program for Girls.
This program is loosely based on ideas drawn from Catherine Ryan Hyde's best-selling book, Pay It Forward. In our program, girls receive three charms and a card for recording their experiences. I ask them to look for opportunities to perform three acts of kindness to other girls. Each time they do, they give one of the charms to the recipient of their action, and ask that person to perform their own act of kindness and pass along the charm. This is a great activity for Girl Scout groups, church groups, sports teams, and any other group, as well as for individuals. Pay It Forward kits are available for $3.00 each. Click this link to find out how to participate. KindnessProgram
The second way for you to live inspired and bring inspiration to others is by conducting your own Inspiration Experiment. Try this...go about your day intending to inspire at least one person. (Inspire means "to influence, move or guide as if by divine inspiration.") You may like it so much that you make it a daily ritual. Remember, if you do something for 21 days in a row it becomes a habit. Wouldn't this be a great habit for all of us to adopt? I'd love to hear your stories of how you inspired someone or how you are feeling as you consciously test this out. You can email me at Sue Opeka. There is a Face Book page called "The Inspiration Experiment" where I post your stories - with your permission and anonymously, of course - and you can post there as well. Just go to The Inspiration Experiment on Facebook to read the stories of what others have already done. And don't forget to like us once you're there! If you'd like to read the full story of how The Inspiration Experiment came to be, just click here. Thoughts From Sue 
The Present Moment  GreenOaks, Illinois 60048
Both The Present Moment and The Inspiration Experiment